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Nexus Dressage Saddle

UK = £3768.00 (including British VAT)

Rest-Of-World = £3140.00

Both UK and ROW prices are for saddles with standard specifications.  There are lovely ways to customise your saddle if you wish!  For more information about this or anything else, please get in touch with your closest Team Member or click the Contact Us button below.

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The Nexus Dressage Saddle is built on the BALANCE Nexus Tree.  It has a higher cantle and a far more defined contour through the seat of the saddle than the other THV Dressage saddles that have been built on the BALANCE/FB7 tree (Zenith, Felix, Matrix).

Some riders prefer a seat profile that has more shape like this because it can provide a higher level of support and direction than a flatter seated saddle.

If you look at many dressage saddles on the market, you will see extremely high cantles, very deep seats and very large knee blocks and thigh blocks etc. These are features that are designed to, pretty much, anchor the rider into the saddle.

We prefer to encourage riders to develop the skills needed to take responsibility for their own balance and stability, rather than relying on the saddle to provide it for them. We discourage riders from using the leverage and security of a highly ‘upholstered’ saddle to brace against their horse when training them.

Having said this, we do see the merit of a seat profile that makes it harder for the rider to get into a position that the horse finds challenging to carry.  The Nexus Dressage saddle does this by making it harder for a rider to slouch back, behind the movement of the horse.   Instead it helps to align the rider’s pelvis into an engaged position, over which, the upper torso can be balanced and under which the limbs can hang in a balanced and effective position.

The stirrup bars are set a little further back than on the other THV dressage saddles which, in combination with a seat profile that supports the back of the pelvis up into a centred and aligned posture, seems to provide a very good base of support from which the rider can be both effective and sensitive.

In order to avoid spoiling the good line of the tree through the waist area of the saddle, we use a swinging hook stirrup bar. This is called a hanging ‘e’  bar , which is attached to the rails of the tree rather than the points.  The use of the e bar helps to maintain the narrower feel through the waist of the tree, that a fixed bar could not provide.

The ‘e’ bar itself is constructed from high quality, laser cut steel, in order to provide a reliable and safe piece of equipment.   It was designed by Frank Baines Saddlery.


Standard Specifications:

  • A range of THV tree Widths: R (Regular), X (Extra), XX (Extra, Extra).  These widths are required by healthy, well developed and correctly trained horses.
  • Foam panels are standard, but this saddle can be ordered with a flocked panel.
  • Short girth straps (billets)
  • Hanging ‘e’  stirrup bar.  Please Note: the use of the swinging ‘e’ bar on these saddles means that THV asks that riders always use some form of safety stirrup when using these saddles.
  • 4 seat lengths A, B, C, D
  • Flap length on A = 17½”  (44.5 cm);B & C = 18″ (45.75 cm); D = 18½” (47 cm).  This is approximate and is measured from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap at it’s longest point. The saddle can be ordered with a different flap length, but it is very unusual for this to be necessary.
  • Adjustable/removable knee blocks
  • The leathers used are of the highest quality, with all welts, facings etc. made with leathers that are the best colour match for the saddle. Other options are available. Please see below.
  • Highest quality manufacturing by Frank Baines Saddlery.

Choosing the colours in your saddle.

Many riders prefer to stay with classic colours of, all-over black or brown, but other options are available to customise your saddle if that is what you prefer. As this saddle is made for THV by Frank Baines Saddlery, it makes sense for you to use their own, innovative and award winning ‘Build Your Baines’ app, that can be found on their website :

You won’t see any THV saddle models on their yet, but you can use the example of their Elegance saddle as a reference as it is very similar in its construction to the THV range of saddles. This will show you the options for leathers and colours that you can choose.

Please be aware that some of the leathers, coloured welts and facings that you will see, will add to the basic price of the saddle as shown on this page.

The cantle of this style of saddle can include a cantle insert, cantle welt and crystals if wanted.


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