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My name is Keren Morris and I discovered the vital importance of saddling on ridden horses nearly 15 years ago. I had been a professional equestrian coach almost 15 years already by that point and in all honesty, had become deflated and saddened by the fact that ridden horses just didn’t seem as happy as I wanted them to be. I kept looking at horses in the industry, and those I was working with, and kept feeling something was wrong, something was missing. I’d also been working as a Reiki Master Teacher, specialising in work with horses and horse owners and had become frustrated and confused as horse after horse showed great progress and recovery in response to my treatments, only for everything to unravel again as soon as the horse went back into work. I couldn’t understand it. I searched and searched for an answer to what I kept seeing but came up with nothing. The industry didn’t even seem to understand my question.

Until… as a Pony Club Instructor, I was invited to a talk given by Carol Brett of the BALANCE Organisation organised by the Pony Club. Not only did Carol fully understand my question (far better than I even did), she also had all the answers! I couldn’t believe it! I don’t think I’ve ever had as many lightbulbs go off in my head at the same time as I did listening to Carol that day!

I was so blown away by the research the BALANCE Organisation had been doing into Saddling and all of Carol’s teaching that I relocated to Buckinghamshire with my husband so that I could work closely with Carol and learn as much as I possibly could from her. I became one of the BALANCE registered Saddling Consultants and for a few years travelled throughout Northern Germany, Holland and Belgium offering Saddling Consultations, Saddle Checks and riding coaching, as well as working in the UK. I loved that my role was all about education rather than trying to sell saddles. I helped people to buy new if they wanted to, but gave just as much time and energy to those who could not afford new and needed to look for second hand BALANCE saddles instead. The focus was always on helping the horses and that meant the World to me.

Years later, I wrote the book, ‘The Horse’s Voice – How Kind Can Horsemanship Become’ because I wanted to document as much of Carol’s teaching as I could. The book morphed into a combination of what I had learned from Carol and what experience had taught me throughout my own journey.

Carol died in 2018, but BALANCE continued with co-Founder Lesley Taylor-Brett leading the TEAM as we continued to do all we could to help people around the World to help their horses. Then more recently, Lesley began to make preparations for her retirement, and I was invited to take over the work of making BALANCE Products available, while Lesley returns BALANCE back to its roots of education (she and Carol never intended to get involved in selling saddles!). I feel tremendously honoured to support the incredible BALANCE TEAM as we continue to do our best to support owners and riders who value as highly as we do, the rights of ridden horses to comfort and respect.

Watch Keren’s online chat with BALANCE Co-Founder, Lesley Taylor-Brett at… to: Watch Keren chat with BALANCE Co-Founder, Lesley Taylor-Brett, discussing why she originally became a BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant:

Link to my page on the BALANCE website: BALANCE Saddling (

And here’s Keren discussing taking on THV Saddling, again with BALANCE co-Founder Lesley Taylor-Brett: News about BALANCE (

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