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A peaceful sanctuary

The Horse's Voice Haven

Learning to take care of horses in more natural and holistic ways…  Our little herd live together on a grass-free track, following the 3Fs code:

Friends – our horse live together 24/7.

Forage – they have continual access to forage so they never go hungry.  We test our hay and can occasionally feed it dry when the sugar/starch readings are low enough, but it is usually well soaked to minimise sugar, starch & potassium.

Freedom – they are free to roam or play around the tracks, find sunshine or shelter, lie on the soft hemp beds or roll around in the sand arena.

The horses choose their own range of Herbs each month to complement their nutritional feeds and are tested regularly so that we can support their health to the best of our ability with Minerals, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Homeopathic Remedies and even Medicinal Mushrooms!

Help is available with Therapeutic Groundwork, The BALANCE Remedial Programme & Therapeutic Riding as well as Saddling (of course!).

Link to our Haven Facebook Page: Facebook

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