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The Horse's Voice

The THV Approach & Background

What if we could ask the horse, “Which saddle feels best to you?” “Does this exercise help you feel freer and happier in your body?”  “Does this method of riding make you want to dance with me?”

The Horse’s Voice is all about asking these kinds of questions and learning to recognise and understand the horse’s answers. It’s about finding ways to help each horse feel better as a result of our management and interactions with them, empowering horses and promoting healing, wellness, deep joy, self-expression and peacefulness.

THV Founder, Keren Morris, has worked as a Professional Coach in the Equestrian Industry for almost 30 years specialising in helping horses with various challenges. She is passionate about continuously learning from our equine friends, finding more and more ways to enrich horse’s lives and nurture profoundly happy horse-human relationships.

Keren spent over 10 years working and studying closely with the late Carol Brett, co-Founder of The BALANCE Organisation ( ). It was during this time she learned how profoundly Saddling affects the horse’s physical body, mental, emotional and energetic states. She was astounded to discover how many things are impacted (either positively or negatively) by it. She became determined to do all she could to help spread the word of how Functional Saddling can dramatically improve the lives of ridden horses, and help heal previous damage.

When pregnant with her third child, Keren suffered a lot of illness and while laid up in bed, she decided to document as much of Carol’s teaching as she could. Although she could only cover a tiny portion of Carol’s brilliance, each lesson was so profound and precious, it felt like time well spent. The writing morphed into a book that contained things that Keren had learned in other ways on her journey as well. The book title became: ‘The Horse’s Voice – How Kind Can Horsemanship Become?’ and although it is currently being updated, the original version is still available Worldwide on Amazon.

Keren & her husband Anthony began taking over orders for what were the BALANCE Saddles in August 2023 so that BALANCE co-Founder, Lesley Taylor-Brett, could focus wholly on education (which is where BALANCE began and has had always had its roots). The incredible knowledge shared by both Lesley and Carol Brett continues to be available through the BALANCE website: .

Keren also runs ‘The Horse’s Voice Haven’ at her home in North-West England, a beautiful grass-free track system for wonderful horses with special needs.

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