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Horses communicate in all sorts of ways… with their posture, positioning, movement, muscular tension, behaviour, facial expressions and attitude to name just a few.

Our approach to Saddling is based on giving horses the opportunity to choose their own saddles and educating owners how to recognise and understand their horse’s unique ‘voice’ relative to their saddling needs. This approach combined with the wonders of ‘Functional Saddling’ can completely transform problems with behaviour, schooling, muscling, posture, attitude and performance.

Riders are often amazed to discover new levels of partnership and a horse who is much easier to ride!

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What is Functional Saddling?

Functional Saddling is a profound method of saddling which promotes and supports health, well-being and self-expression in horses by ensuring comfort and accommodating changes in back shape/width that occur naturally during biomechanically correct movement.


Discover the founders of Functional Saddling and their 30 years of research, Testimonials, FAQs, Case Studies, News/blogs & Masses of Info on Functional Saddling!


Discover Saddles specifically developed for Functional Saddling, in a range designed to give horses a choice.


What makes us

Horses’ bodies can change quickly, as a result of seasonal changes, physical demands, injuries and so on, but it’s not usually practical to have a saddler visit this often, so what can be done to ensure a saddle doesn’t go out of balance and start to cause problems/discomfort for the horse when these changes occur?

The Functional Saddling approach includes a Padding System which enables riders to easily fine-tune the balance of their saddle every time they ride, ensuring its always in perfect balance and comfortable for both horse and rider. We believe in empowering riders to take care of their horse’s daily saddling needs, whilst always being there if you ever need extra help and support.

From THV/BALANCE Customer

Reviews & Testimonials

I had always dreamed of this kind of a saddle fitting. I wasn’t  at all sure it existed.   Finding the right  saddle is so EXTREMELY important  –  and I have found a company that REALLY knows that.



“Wow!! I’ve been on a nine year journey with my mare Khaleesi to a single-day 100 mile endurance race. We finally accomplished that a month ago and placed in the top 10! My horse came through with all A scores in the very tough course nicknamed here in Virginia “The Beast of the East.” So so so many endurance riders struggle with saddle fit being on a horse’s back for 24 hours riding hard and lots of sore backs and white spots show the struggle is real. It has been real for me too- only I am so so pleased that riding over the years in a BALANCE saddle (we use a Nexus wide GPD with double thick quilt and a 1/2” base pad to give as much cushion as possible over the miles) has been a huge key to not only finishing that 100 but doing it in the kind of strength we did! I have learned over these years to ride in true balance, seeking the horse to find strength in her whole body and for me to be able to help that instead of hindering it! I don’t think I could have been as successful with my horse without BALANCE!! I’m not perfect and neither is she, but we are getting better and stronger all the time!”

Jaime, USA

“I am often asked for advice on saddles and I always recommend speaking to the BALANCE team. As a result, I have seen dozens of instances where the introduction of the BALANCE system works dramatic improvement in a horse’s behaviour and movement 25 years of using BALANCE – I would never change.”

Hazel Offord. Wendelbury Stud – England

“I had the amazing good fortune to have a BALANCE saddle consultation with Birgitta Bergsten in France last December. My current saddle was too small and my Welsh cob was, understandably, not working happily, unsettled and rigid, falling in on the right rein, restricted movement and obvious discomfort on the left rein, overly on the forehand with over developed shoulder muscles. We tried three saddles and pad systems and we settled on the BALANCE Felix GPD with a regular wool pad and 1/4” large JB pad. My saddle arrived in March and I am thrilled with the progress we are making I can feel the difference in Henry’s freedom of movement, he is so much more willing, forward going and comfortable, he has dropped all stress schooling and is much more relaxed out hacking, and personally I no longer have lower back pain after any riding, it’s a truly wonderful saddling system, can’t be any happier, and it can only get better.”

Karen, France

I witnessed about 50 of Keren Morris’ Saddling Consultations in Germany, Holland and Belgium and it was incredible, there was not even one horse-rider combination that Keren could not help profoundly with her absolute knowledge of Constructive (now known as Functional) Saddling and the BALANCE Method. It’s just wonderful to see her work… she’s the most friendly and lovable person I have met around horses and it’s amazing how quickly both horses and riders connect with her, they feel her utter love towards the horses and where musicians have absolute hearing, Keren has absolute sight where horses, saddling and riding are concerned…

Elin Hinrichsen (APM Therapist)

I was not looking for a saddle !!! But a friend organised for Mel to do a fitting on her horse at my place. I was just watching and I decided to see about one for my horse. We fitted 3 different saddles. The 3rd saddle was the one for us the Felix. Omg! I had NEVER felt my horse open up like he did during that trial ride! I was yelling and laughing that I was going to fall off such was the beautiful big trot he gave me! Before this his shoulders just stuck. With the shims and fitting

This saddle had been fitted to ….. The warmblood it was bought for, the lease horse with sway back, the Percheron that came after, the Tb that was a bit smaller but the saddle pad and shims were perfect. I did a FaceTime fitting with Mel a little while ago for the our young Percheron cross we bought and had to order a different size shim for her but again a great fit. The shims don’t slip, the saddles are very comfy for the horse too. Look into it, you’ll see all the pluses. Happy owner.

Eva, Australia

I have two very different shaped horses. Each has his own BALANCE Saddle and pads. They are both very happy to be ridden now. I have followed the program suggested in the Horses Voice under the supervision of Mel Fleming. My Australian Stock Horse gelding had reached a point where he did not want to be ridden at all. With the groundwork and comfortable BALANCE Felix saddle and BALANCE pad system he is much happier. We are having fun again out and about!

Barbara, Australia

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