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Understanding the silence…

The Horse’s Voice Book

The Horse’s Voice – How Kind Can Horsemanship Become?  An In-Depth Illustrated Guide

Keren used to speak of ‘The Equestrian Paradigm Shift’ – a shift in the perceptions, awareness and intentions of equestrians. More and more humans are ready to stop using horses for their own purposes, however ‘nicely’.  Instead, they are passionate about creating a relationship which truly serves the horse as much as it serves the human, and as a result, their vision, education and connection with horses dramatically shifts as well.

The Horse’s Voice Book is for those who have made, or want to make, that shift.  It offers a deep look into the many different ways that horses communicate and express their inner thoughts and feelings.  It goes beyond behaviour and body language into aspects that are widely misunderstood, or commonly go unnoticed, in the equestrian world.  The book is overflowing with beautiful photographs, invaluable prompts and questions to help you stop, reflect and think about how to apply the information to the horses in your life.

The Book looks closely at the impact the human world can have on horses and delves into a wide range of topics from Training, Riding and Saddling, to Equine Biomechanics, Therapy, Hoof Care and Management, all viewed from the horse’s perspective.  It’s ideal for equestrian professionals, well-seasoned horse owners, complete novices, vets, farriers and equine therapists alike.

Where to Buy

Being an in-depth Guide, the Horse’s Voice Book is something to savour and to refer back to again and again.  It makes the perfect gift for horsey family and friends and is essential reading for those working in the Equine Industry.

The book is available Worldwide through Amazon or add to your Basket here: The Horse’s Voice

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