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For lots of FAQs relating to Functional Saddling & THV/BALANCE Products please follow this link to the BALANCE website

They are identical except for the branding. With BALANCE’s blessing, we may extend the range of THV Products as and when horses show us they need us to in future, but all products that were in

the BALANCE range (Zenith, Felix, Matrix, Nexus, Horizon, Equinox, Xtreme and BALANCE Junior range saddles and BALANCE Pads and sundries) will all remain exactly the same except for the branding and saddle covers. We are taking over the orders for saddles made by Frank Baines from 1st August 2023 (Zenith, Felix, Matrix, Nexus and Xtreme saddles) and will take over the ordering of the rest of the BALANCE products over the months that follow.

Yes! We’ll help in any way we can. The best place to start is to contact the TEAM Member who helped you originally, but if you didn’t have help from a BALANCE registered Consultant, or if they have retired, just contact us here at THV HQ or contact the TEAM Member closest to you

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