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Equinox Jump

UK = £2808.00 (including British VAT) for Wool Flocked Panels; £2928.00 for Foam Panels

Rest-Of-World = £2340.00 for Wool Flocked Panels; £2400.00 for Foam Panels

Both UK and ROW prices are for saddles with standard specifications.  There are lovely ways to customise your saddle if you wish!  For more information about this or anything else, please get in touch with your closest Team Member or click the Contact Us button below.

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The Equinox JUMP Saddle is built on the BALANCE/Equinox Tree, which can be ordered with 2 two different cantle shapes to accommodate the needs of many different shapes of rider.

For more information about the different cantle shapes see below.

The flaps are shorter and slightly more forward cut than the GPJ to make it easy for riders to ride with a shorter stirrup length and more angle in the knees for a half seat and jump position. The seat profile is open and very comfortable.

This is the style of choice for riders who want to jump more than doing flatwork.

The saddle is made of good quality leathers and has a cushioned seat, which creates the almost-instant feel of a well broken in saddle.

Please note, that if you already use a THV/BALANCE saddle for flatwork, in a dressage or GPD style, we would normally recommend that you jump the horse in a saddle that is not quite as wide. This is to ensure that you are not using too many layers of padding under the front of the saddle to ensure correct balance and clearance. As the rider’s weight tends to be focussed into the front of the saddle when jumping, it is important that the saddle is never allowed to drop lower at the front and float up at the back, when the rider is in a forward seat.

The standard specifications for this style of Equinox are:

  • A range of THV/BALANCE tree Widths: #2; #3 and #4.  These widths are required by healthy, well developed and correctly trained horses and for Remedial Saddling.
  • Choice of Wool Flocked or Foam Panels
  • Short girth straps (billets) but long straps can be ordered.
  • Regular bars
  • 5 seat lengths A, B, C, D, E
  • Supplied with 2 sets of adjustable/removable knee blocks of different sizes and the hook/loop areas to use one of the blocks as a thigh block

Cantle Options

The 2/2 cantle is the standard, round cantle for jump saddles to allow room for the rider to move their pelvis back as the hip joint flexes. It is the same cantle that is used in the Xtreme Jump saddle, built on the Equinox tree.

However this saddle can also be ordered with a square cantle, as shown in the photographs below.

Some riders prefer the look of the square cantle, but it is important to remember that this will make the saddle measure slightly shorter from front to centre of the cantle.

Colour and trim Options.

The main parts of the saddle (flaps, skirts, seat, knee pads and panels) can be ordered in either black or brown. You can choose either a matching tone for the seat welt , the cantle and on the stirrup loop, or you can choose a contrasting colour from Black, Brown, Gold, Blue, Red, Silver or White.


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