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The Horse’s Voice


(£20.00 including UK VAT).  The Horse’s Voice, a wonderful book for anyone who loves horses and wants to ride them in ways that are ethical, kind and positive.

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A wonderful book, full of helpful pictures and diagrams. 

Written, from the heart, by Keren Morris, and containing many of the principles and teachings found in the THV Saddling approach to Saddling, also known as ‘Functional & Constructive Saddling’ and the THV Saddling approach to ‘Constructive Riding and Training’.

This book is a heart-felt invitation to horse owners who are looking to create the best relationship with their horse.   

There are so many confusing opinions that horse owners are struggling to make sense of, and this book takes a refreshing and unusual look at what horses need from their owners, riders and trainers.  It looks at things from the horse’s perspective and respects his mental and physical needs by considering how he needs to behave and how he needs to move, both on his own, but even more importantly, when he is asked to carry the unnatural weight of a rider.

Full of great information and support for the seekers of truth.  Keren worked with The BALANCE Organisation for many years.  In particular, she spent a lot of time working closely with the late Carol Brett, Co-founder of The BALANCE Organisation, helping horse owners via the Technical Support Office.   When Keren was pregnant with her youngest child and had some time, she decided that she wanted to document as much as possible about what she had learned and discovered during her time with BALANCE and in particular from talking to/writing for and observing Carol.

This information was then combined with her own philosophy, ideas and experience to create ‘The Horse’s Voice’ book.

So, those of you who knew Carol and know something of The BALANCE Organisation will recognise the origin of a lot of the explanations, pictures, and writing. 

In the last year of her life, Carol was happy to help Keren to check and edit some of the book, for as long as her energy and health would allow it and Keren has very generously acknowledged this by naming Carol as an ‘Editor’.  

The fact that the book contains so much of what Carol taught and that she had some involvement in the creation of the book,  makes it very special. 

Sadly, it was not ready to publish until after her death, but Keren is hopeful that Carol’s work will continue to influence more people and help more horses by making it available in this format.

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