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Helene Reitsma

Saddling Services Offered

  • Saddle Consultations.
  • Saddle Checks & help for those who have previously bought saddles
  • Lecture-Demos, Workshops and /Clinics
  • Follow up support using Videos calls

Other Services Offered

Private lessons and clinics regarding a mindful and respectful approach to horse training and riding.

Areas Covered

I work in the Netherlands and I am happy to travel through Germany and Belgium.

I can travel to other EU countries when the demand makes the trip possible.

History with Functional Saddling

In 2020, I was in Switzerland with 5* Parelli Instructor Michael Wanzenried and Claudia Ledig. They are both BALANCE enthusiasts and persuaded me to do a saddle consult with Birgitta Bergsten with my just started horse Lego. It was a surprise she did not sell a saddle, but she talked about biomechanics and horse welfare. A lot of the content, I already knew, but the basics why BALANCE had started and what it can do for a horse was new to me. In the following years, I met more enthusiasts and followed Birgitta in Remedial workshops. In the past, I studied Veterinary School at the University of Antwerp for 2 years and I wanted to help horses in their rehabilitation process. With the Functional Saddle System and the knowledge that is past on in the Remedial work, this wish has come true!

In 2022, I started my BALANCE journey with the guidance of Lesley Taylor-Brett and Birgitta Bergsten and in Oktober 2023 I became a BALANCE/ THV registered Saddle consultant!

Equestrian Experience

As a child, I always wanted to ride and have horses. In my studies, I always was trying to look for lifting people and their horses up. Not as a competition rider, but always as a groom/coach and always trying to help and understand horses. In 2017 I became a Horsemanship instructor and to deepen knowledge and skills, I worked and trained in Switzerland with Michael Wanzenried and Claudia Ledig.

In the years I spent with horses, I could always see the asymmetry and the lack of real engagement. In my training to become a consultant, I could really use this and built my knowledge about biomechanics!

Languages Spoken

Dutch, English and German


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