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Pro-Complete ¼ inch JB Pad


(£56.70 including UK VAT).  The THV Saddling Pro-Complete ¼ inch JB Pad, providing a discreet but important level of comfort, protection and lift under an appropriate width of saddle.

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This pad provides ¼ inch (6.5mm) extra lift and protection under the front of a saddle that has been chosen in a width that allows for it, as done in Functional Saddling methods.

THV Saddling Pro-Complete ¼ inch JB Pad

This is the thinnest of the ‘Add-On’ pads and the minimal amount of lift and protection that we recommend that is used on a well developed and well muscled horse, as part of an ongoing Maintenance Saddling programme. It is also a great pad to use as part of a Remedial Padding System

The pad is made using the Pro-Lite gel-foam insert, covered in a faux suede material, in the black and brown versions, and in cotton for the bright white version. It has the hook side of a hook/loop fastening system on the underside to attach to any of our Wool-Fleece pads or a Base Pad. It can also be used in a layered arrangement with the large version of the ¼ inch (6.5mm) JB pad (LJB ¼”), in order to provide more lift at the front of the saddle when needed.

This size of JB pad is suitable for use under:

  • English saddles in adult sizes (from 17″ up).
  • Treeless saddles in adult sizes.
  • Western saddles.
  • Stock saddles.
  • Bareback pads in adult sizes.
  • Baroque style saddles.

The dimensions of this pad are shown below.

A — B = 7″ (18cm)
C — D = 15″ (38cm)


Additional information

Weight 300 kg

Black, Brown, White

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