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THV/BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant

Michelle Lackey

Saddling Services Offered

  • Saddling Consultations
  • BALANCE Saddle Checks & help for those who have previously bought saddles
  • Lecture-Demos and Workshops/Courses/Clinics

Other Services Offered

  • Riding Lessons & Training

Areas Covered

Ohio, USA and neighboring States.

History with BALANCE

“I was introduced to BALANCE Saddles and Carol Brett in 2002 when my off the track Thoroughbred, Brahman, was executing very frustrating bucking lead changes.  After riding in a BALANCE Saddle, the results were instantaneously amazing.  While cantering and lead changing, I don’t know who was smiling and laughing out of pure joy more, Brahman or I!  I was hooked!

“In the years afterwards, Carol and BALANCE opened up my path for horsemanship by putting the horse first and created an awareness of how saddles not only affect movement, but overall health and well-being.   Through Constructive Saddling, I learned to study the horse’s movement without a saddle while knowing that their structure has to meet their function, then comparing with a saddle to ask the horse’s preference.  This process is quite simple, eye opening, and teaches us how to be an advocate for our horse.   Along with the saddles, Carol also taught biomechanics for the horse and rider.  This knowledge has led me to help horses with very troubled pasts, whether physical or emotional, to extraordinary results.  One horse that was deemed un-rideable, was my partner in earning my USDF Bronze Medal.  More recently, I bought an Amish buggy horse, Thor, from an auction.  In both 2020 and 2021, Thor and I were ranked #1 Nationally in USA Working Equitation.   Sparkle and Shine, my Friends!

Equestrian Experience

Since I have been four years old, horses have always been a big aspect of my life.  I grew up on a horse farm in Ohio that gave about 100 riding lessons a week and also boarded horses.  This gave me the opportunity to ride and be around many different breeds and dispositions of horses.  I have ridden and competed in western, hunt seat, saddle seat, and dressage.

I was so honored to have been asked to join the BALANCE Team as a Test Ride Facilitator and then go on to be registered with BALANCE as a Saddling Consultant,  because the work involved, complimented and grew upon my Natural Horsemanship philosophy.   I create an awareness of horses’ and people’s mental, emotional, physical, and bio-mechanical fitness in order to develop a foundation that reaches a personal horsemanship goal.  I do this so people can understand the psychology of horses, communicate with them, and ask the horse to perform bio-mechanical correctness to improve athleticism.  All of this creates happy, healthy and safe horse and human relationships.”



  • National Champion Overall Open
  • Certified Coach
  • National Champion L4 Open
  • Region 5 Champion L4 Open
  • Region 5 Champion L1 Open
  • Highest Dressage and EOH Phase Scores in Regional Championship
  • Trained/Coached students and horses to Regional Championships
  • #1 Friesian Sport Horse in the Nation
  • #1 Knabstrupper Horse in the Nation


  • #1 National Hall of Fame Winner (most points earned for all levels and breeds)
  • WE Bronze Medal
  • #1 National and Region 5 Title in L3
  • #1 Friesian Sport Horse in the Nation


  • USDF Bronze Medal
  • USDF All-Breeds Champion
  • USDF Multiple Regional Qualifier
  • BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant
  • Constructive Saddling Clinician
  • Level 4 Natural Horsemanship Graduate


Phone: 216 337 2922
Address: Cleveland area Ohio, USA
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