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THV/BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant

Mel Fleming

Saddling Services Offered

  • Saddling Consultations
  • Distance/Remote Saddling Consultations
  • Saddle Checks & help for those who have previously bought BALANCE saddles
  • Lecture-Demos and Workshops/Courses/Clinics
  • Coaching & Support for those helping their horses through the BALANCE Remedial Process
  • Follow up support using Skype/Facetime/Videos and phone calls
  • Mel is based at Moonbi (near Tamworth in NSW) where she has facilities for people to come for courses, lessons and to try the saddles. There is also overnight accommodation if people are passing through or have to travel quite a distance and need to leave their horses overnight.

Other Services Offered

  • Courses and private lessons in the following
    The Foundation – Connecting and Fundamental Feel in Ground skills
  • Horse and Rider Biomechanics – Beginning to Advanced
  • Postural Development and Rehabilitation Groundwork Therapy
  • Problem-solving behavioural issues
  • Developing Confidence for horse and rider

Areas Covered

Throughout Australia.

Meet Mel!…

Get to know a little more about Mel by watching her online chat with BALANCE Co-Founder, Lesley Taylor-Brett:

History with BALANCE & Equestrian Experience

“It is close to 20 years since I test rode my first BALANCE saddle and I have been sold on them ever since. I have been teaching horsemanship for many years now and come across many saddles from all different disciplines including English, Western and Aussie saddles and have never come across saddles that horses like better than BALANCE saddles.

I have a very diverse background of experiences which began with stock work (bush riding) and then evolved into becoming an EA instructor (Equestrian Federation of Australia) equivalent to the BHS in the UK. I competed extensively in dressage up to advanced level and also evented and show-jumped. Vaulting (gymnastic on horses) was another great learning experience for me – learning another level of balance in riding and biomechanics in humans.

I became interested in natural horsemanship and western riding and became certified as a Parelli instructor. It was during that time that I met Carol and Lesley, Co-Founders of BALANCE, who gave me an understanding of biomechanics for horses. No one had been able to explain that clearly to me before. I think mainly because I hadn’t met anyone else that truly understood it. I believe it is, in general, a VERY misunderstood subject. What they taught made sense and the horses that I tried it on liked it – the horses know the truth and what they need. It was Carol and Lesley’s knowledge of the true biomechanics of horses that led them to make such amazing saddles.

Carol and Lesley gave me concepts to begin to help horses find better posture and balance and I have continued to experiment and evolve this for many years now, with many horses. My process to help horses achieve this is constantly improving as is my ability to teach it to others.

I am very grateful to Carol and Lesley for this information and for developing the BALANCE  saddles. Their information steered me in another direction when I realized that correct biomechanics was essential for all horses happiness and wellbeing and the lack of it was the source of many behavioural and soundness issues in horses. Good biomechanics was not just for dressage or show horses !!!!

I studied with Carol and Lesley whenever the opportunity presented, when they visited the USA when I was living and working there, and I have also had several trips to the UK to learn and study with them and Equine Osteopath – Gavin Schofield .

I have been on and continue to be on, a quest for kinder and gentler ways to be with horses. I wanted to understand them deeply, in every aspect of their mind, emotions, body and spirit and find the best ways to work in harmony and have great friendships with them. Horses have been my greatest teachers in this process – they show me when I am on the right track and when I am not.

“The evolution of all my learning  which includes a very strong influence from the BALANCE organisation, has led me to develop my own program ‘Connecting with Horses & Riding with Synchronicity’”.


“Thanks Mel for coming out for a saddle fit the other week. I was really impressed with the time and care you took to let me try all the BALANCE saddles I wanted and a few you thought I should also try. I have had many saddle fits in the past 40 years of owning and  riding horses but never one so comprehensive or professional. Being able to ride in each saddle and see how I felt as well as feeling how my horse reacted under each one was enlightening. Discussing each saddle with you was also interesting to see how you were seeing what I was feeling. It was well worth the invested time and money as I feel very confident about purchasing my next and first BALANCE saddle. Many thanks.”



Sometimes words aren’t adequate. The changes I feel & see in me & my horse are profound. Gratitude explodes from my heart to Mel Fleming for sharing the knowledge/wisdom she has developed over the years. If anyone thinks they may like the course I can confidently say YOU WILL LOVE IT.” 


River and I are going really great at the moment. I came home yesterday from a trail ride, probably the best we’ve had together and I feel I’m sooo in love with him!! I’ve had some issues in the past where he would get worried and panic but we did get through them, thanks to your advice and teachings at Moonbi. This ride, however, River didn’t get worried and we relaxed and rode at the back nearly all the ride with plenty of chances for lots of trots and even some cantering where he felt like he’s done this all his life, so easily.”

Glenda out trail riding


Thankyou so much for your patience and your assistance in this journey with our horses. I am so grateful for this opportunity in feeling a softer feel, reconnecting with my horses & finding life & purpose. I know this is a work in progress but these last few days have shown me me how much brace I have had in my body & mind & how much better I can feel by being present, centered. Giving me a freedom to be real again. Finding a way to walk….unlocking the mind & body to help others in my purpose in life.” 



Have to say I had the best ride on Buster EVER this morning ! We were both the most still quiet and together we’ve ever been and were trotting so balanced and light it felt like we were floating. Well that’s what it felt like anyway!” 

Narelle hosting a group clinic for Mel


We really enjoyed your clinic and appreciate all the gifts that came. As I looked at the photos of the horses before and after I can see the relaxation in their bodies showing into the lens of the camera.


I just wanted to say a big “Thank You” because the last 2 days have given me really useful tools to use as I grow in working with my horse, in a way that makes sense and feels right to me. Your instruction has also clarified some things that have been said to me before, but using different language that I didn’t really get…..I will be seriously looking at getting along to a part of the September course.” 


Hi Mel,
I just wanted to say a very quick BIG thank you for the clinic. I am still gob smacked by the outcome & remain to ponder with excitement what the future will hold as it has now flipped everything I know on its head. Yet, I am in no rush for some strange reason to venture much further at the moment; rather just enjoy and absorb this new found way of “being” with Jim. You don’t see it until you see it & once you see it, you wonder how you never saw it before.”


“From the deepest most sincerest place of my heart I thank you (and no doubt so does Jim).


My greatest ‘aha’ moment for this clinic however was in the saddle. Over the last 6 months I have been playing with my new horse, who has a strong Dressage background, and a lot of brace and anxiety towards training. He had a lot of emotion towards being ridden and would quickly take offence to me being in the saddle. Through the principles of ‘Riding with Synchronicity’, I was able to let go of any brace in my body and find harmony with him and I could not believe how quickly he turned loose, happily stretching into the bridle, engaging his hind quarters and lifting through his withers. Not only was it the best ride I had ever had on him, but it was physically effortless and when I got off, rather than feeling like I had had an hour riding lesson, I felt like I had just had a body work session! My legs felt longer and overall I was in better alignment, rather than experiencing any sense of strain or fatigue.  Therefore it had not only been biomechanically beneficial for the horse, but also therapeutic for me.”




Phone: 0428 385 745
Address: 413 Gaol Creek Rd, Moonbi, NSW 2353
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