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THV/BALANCE registered Saddling Consultant

Greta Gandolfi

Saddling Services Offered

  • Saddling Consultations
  • Saddle Checks & support for people who previously bought BALANCE saddles
  • Lecture-Demos, Workshop and Clinics
  • Follow-up support using video calls

Other Services Offered

  • Private lessons and clinics regarding a mindful and respectful approach to horse training and riding

Areas Covered

I work between Piemonte (Province of Torino) and Emilia-Romagna (Province of Parma) and I am happy to travel through the North and Centre of Italy.

I can travel to other EU countries when the demand makes the trip possible. Please contact me to discuss this.

History with BALANCE

I discovered the BALANCE Saddling Systemin 2015 thanks to my Swiss mentor Michael Wanzenried. I started riding in my own BALANCE saddle in 2016, and in 2017 I met Birgitta Bergsten, BALANCE Senior Consultant, in Switzerland. In the following years I was able to follow her during consultation sessions and clinics, in Switzerland and Italy.

After one-year of training with Birgitta Bergsten and Lesley Taylor-Brett, in 2022, I became registered BALANCE Saddling Consultant. The principles of Functional Saddling, Training and Riding promoted by the BALANCE System were extremely valuable in my work as horse trainer and horsemanship instructor. These principles have helped me develop a more respectful approach to horses.

Equestrian Experience

Passionate about horses since childhood, I took riding lessons and rode only occasionally until after completing my studies (a degree in Biology and Animal Behaviour and a PhD in Animal Genetics).

As an adult, I approached horses and riding again, focusing on learning about horsemanship, horse behaviour and communication.

In 2016, I decided to quit my job as a researcher and start to work with horses professionally. I spent two years in Jura, Switzerland, as trainee of Michael Wanzenried, learning about colt starting, horse training/management and riding.

Since 2018, I work as a horse trainer and instructor in Piemonte (Italy) and North of Italy.

I develop horses and support students and professionals, promoting an approach focused on horse-human dialogue, understanding and communication.

I spent extensive time learning about the Functional Riding principles and equine biomechanics with Birgitta Bergsten and with the support of Michael Wanzenried, in order to promote a way of riding that supports the mental and physical well-being of the horse.

Language spoken

Italian, English


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