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BALANCE reg. Test Ride Facilitator & Stockist

Carol Hill

Saddling Services Offered

(All based at Carol’s Equestrian Centre in Lancaster, England)

  • BALANCE Saddle Test Ride Sessions
  • BALANCE Saddle Checks & help for those who have previously bought saddles
  • Lecture-Demos and Workshops/Courses/Clinics
  • Coaching & Support for those helping their horses through a Remedial Process
  • Carol stocks a range of BALANCE pads and sundries

Areas Covered

Carol is based at her Equitation Centre in Lancaster in the UK.  She does not travel, but clients are welcome to visit and work with her at her yard.

History with BALANCE & Equestrian Experience

“I own an Equitation Centre, which encompasses a Pony Club Centre and BHS training, private tuition and liveries.  I was Chief Instructor for 28 years for a Pony Club branch. I hold my BHSII and examine all Pony Club Tests up to and including A Care.  I am also an assessor/trainer for UKCC exams and team trainer for all the different Pony Club disciplines.  We currently stable 30 horses and ponies on the yard, the majority of whom compete very successfully throughout the Pony Club/BHS disciplines and teach novice riders/students.  I am very proud to say all of them wear BALANCE saddles and look extremely round and well with a very impressive hind-leg action…

I care passionately about helping my horses and riders achieve a better state of balance and since meeting up with Carol Brett over 15 years ago my quest has been made far more achievable and rewarding, as well my own riding skills greatly being enhanced.

The information Carol taught us in her ‘Straight Forward Riding’ and ‘Constructive/Functional Riding’ clinics, combined with her knowledge from many years of research into horses’ natural movement and damages done through tight wrongly fitted saddles was life changing.  Carol also introduced us to the Feldenkrais Method, which assists with the correct movement of riders (and horses).  I feel very privileged to have been able to spent time training with Carol in Functional Riding & Training, which has enabled our horses to become happier and more comfortable.

With this knowledge and the aid of Carol and Lesley’s BALANCE saddles, riders and horses were transformed into happier, straighter, springier beings. The horses and ponies shape and balance changed as muscle was given room to develop and their backs were allowed to rise.

“I am very happy to give advice or merely offer support through the period of incredible changes that will take place if the BALANCE Saddling System is adopted.  Having witnessed these changes, I am very keen for others to share experience and embark upon this life changing journey.


We bought Kola in April 2019 and immediately had a balance saddle fitting with Carol Hill. BALANCE make a beautiful pony GPJ saddle. It was comfortable for both pony and rider from day one. With lovely soft supple non slippy leather. Beautiful saddle so pleased with it. Kola is 22 but looking and going brilliantly. Can’t thank Carol and the BALANCE team enough. 


“I just wanted to say that I have recently purchased a beautiful BALANCE Horizon GPD saddle for my extra wide cob.

“It has been a learning curve, a very interesting one too. The flatwork lesson yesterday blew my mind – never has my little coblet Piglet been so happy in a contact, so consistent, so willing.

“I wanted to say that Carol Hill is a wonder, so so helpful and enthusiastic and determined to get everything right for rider and horse, even repeat sessions to change padding etc.

If she were on TripAdvisor I would give her 5 stars!!

Helen & Piglet

I arrived at Beaumont Grange Farm Equitation Center for my first riding lesson, with my horse, a weak confused but very well bred warm blood. She was in draw reins (to keep her head in!), my Hit Air jacket (a body protector because I was regularly falling off!) and in an old Stubben Saddle, ( l had shares in Elastoplast and Savlon with the amount of blisters l received on my buttocks!!) I looked like l was going into battle!!! 🙄😂, My horse was wobbly, crossed legged and miserable. NOW……with Carol Hill, her guidance and expertise, the draw reins are off, as is the Hit Air jacket, and the Stubben Saddle has been replaced with a Felix GJP BALANCE Saddle ….. no more blisters l am glad to say!!!!😊 ….. and my horse is now much straighter, stronger in a good way, well balanced, forward going and very importantly  happier. We also use the Balance Fulmer Snaffle Bit now which she has taken to really well and this has helped both our well being. I am very excited to be taking part in our first dressage competition  this week ( without my Elastoplasts I hasten to add!! )
Thank you BALANCE 😊

Carol and Saffire preparing for their first dressage competition in their BALANCE Felix saddle and lovely BALANCE Fulmer bit (Note… no air jacket, plasters, or draw reins!)

Carol & Saffire

Rosie is a 15hh traditional cob, extremely wide and very much on the forehand. She was also overweight and her original saddle would often slip to one side.  In the summer of 2018 my instructor suggested a saddle fitting by Carol Hill at Beaumont Grange.  I hadn’t realised until then that the saddle I had been using was far too narrow for Rosie and was inhibiting her movement.  Carol is a BALANCE registered Saddle Consultant and was not only able to recommend a Horizon Arc, specially designed for the wider horse, but also located a suitable used saddle which was, and still is, in excellent condition.  Carol was also able to advise on the correct pads to fit under the saddle.   At the time of the saddle fitting, Rosie showed up lame and tended to walk in a banana shape.  To help Rosie’s lameness and straighten up we also changed to a BALANCE fulmer snaffle bit and did lots of walking in hand, making sure that Rosie’s head and neck were straight.  I am sure that Rosie is much more comfortable and has a freer movement as a result of the BALANCE Saddle ethos of fitting the saddle to allow movement of the horses shoulder.”

Phyllis & Rosie

“I bought Glen in February 2019 as a 15 year old ex-racer. When he arrived, Glen had a tight saddle and really struggled with his balance and straightness. Glen immediately had a BALANCE saddle fitting with Carol Hill and is now ridden in a BALANCE saddle for all of his work. The difference in the shape of Glen’s back was visible after only a few weeks work. Through his new tack and Carol’s ongoing support, Glen is now much straighter, more balanced and relaxed. He is beginning to work through his back and his transitions have become much quieter and more consistent. We have recently been able to change to riding in a snaffle bit rather than a pelham which has been a huge success for us. Glen is currently looking really well and seems so much happier in himself. Thanks to BALANCE and to Carol for everything. 

Helen & Glen

Four years ago we were delighted to part-loan a 19 year old pony. Our first experience of equine care. We have learned so much from him. His BALANCE saddle has given us confidence that his back has been comfortable as he has become older. Then, three years ago we also bought a four year old. It has been a delight to see him develop and we believe that his BALANCE saddles have ensured his back has been able to move and develop the correct muscles, keeping him fit and happy. Both young and old have benefited from the BALANCE System and the freedom this allows them. Thank you from Sarah, Michelle, and Charlie and Jack (our happy horses) .

Sarah, Michelle, and Charlie and Jack


Phone: 07904 208 669
Address: Lancaster
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