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Junior Pro-Complete Large 1/4 inch JB Pad.


(£51.00 including UK VAT)  Large JB pad for Pony saddles in 1/4 inch thickness.

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This is the smaller, version of the ‘Large’ 1/4 inch JB Pad, that is suitable for use under the THV Saddling Robin & Wren saddles and sometimes under the shortest versions of other THV Saddling Models.

THV Saddling Large ¼ inch JB Pad for Junior Saddles

This Large ¼” (6.5mm) version of the single layer Pony JB pad covers a larger area than the standard Pony sized ¼” JB. Because of this, it will have more of an influence on the front to back balance of the saddle, by creating more of a lift than the standard ¼” (6.5mm) version.

It is a useful pad for ponies who have a lack of muscle that extends from behind the shoulder to the middle of the saddle. Combining with either a ½” or ¼” JB standard Pony JB pad in a layered arrangement in order to create a graduated (stepped) lift under the front of the saddle, up to ¾” (19mm).

The pad is made with the hook side of a hook/loop fastening system on the underside to attach to one of the Pony sized Wool-Fleece pads and/or a Pony sized Base Pad, and the loop (soft) side of the hook/loop fastening on top to make it easy to layer with another JB Pad, if necessary.
Proportioned to work with the THV Saddling Junior saddles as listed above, this

Pony Large JB pad is also suitable for use under:

  • English saddles in children’s sizes (16½” and smaller).
  • Treeless saddles in children’s sizes.
  • Bareback pads in children’s sizes.

The dimensions of this pad are shown below.

  • A — B = 7½” (19cm)
  • C — D = 9″ (23cm)

Colour Options: We try to keep a stock of these pads in a practical black, but other colours can be ordered for you if you would like something different. Please contact the office to ask about options and lead times.

Additional information

Weight 300 kg

Black, Brown

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