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Double-Quilt Square for Xtreme Jump Saddles & Equinox Jump Saddle Only


(£210.00 including UK VAT).  XJGXSQQ. Wool Fleece Lined Double Quilt Jump Square for Xtreme Jump Saddles.

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This Saddle Shaped pad for Xtreme Jump saddles is a more recent addition to the THV Saddling range and caters to riders who want a neat and professional look to their saddle and pads for competition and showing, but where the horse needs and wants more cushioning/thickness in the saddle panel area, than our standard quilt Saddle Square (GSQ) provides.  

Double-Quilt, Wool-Fleece-Lined, Jump Square shaped to work with Xtreme Jump Saddles

We usually solve this problem, by suggesting the thicker version of our Wool-Fleece Saddle Shaped pad (GXSS), but the duvet style quilt pattern in this pad, loved by many horses, does not provide the look that many people expect to see in competition pads.  

This XJGXSQQ pad and indeed any of the THV Saddling pads that show QQ in the code, have been made with an extra layer of quilt, just in the area of the pad that sits under the saddle panels.   This provides more lift and cushioning in the areas that need it and allows us to use the more traditional 5 oz quilt you see in the image. 

 This pad is cut to be a good match for the shape of the THV Saddling Xtreme Jump Saddles.

Please be aware that the feel that the double quilt provides for the horse is a little firmer than provided by the GXSS (cushion quilt) pads.  Many horses will be OK with this, but if your horse is going through a Remedial Saddling programme to recover atrophied/weak muscle from previous saddle damage, enforced rest etc., he or she may be better off in one of our 12 oz cushion quilt pads for every day work.  Please contact us if you need help to decide on which pad is likely to be more appropriate. 





Regular Length

  • A — B = 22″ (56cm)
  • C — D = 20″ (51.5cm)

Extra Long

  • A — B = 24″ (61cm)
  • C — D = 20″ (51.5cm)

Additional information

Weight 1300 kg

Black, Brown, White, Bottle Green, Navy, Burgundy, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Honeybird Blue, Cerise


Regular Length, Extra Long

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