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Cushion-Quilt Square for Zenith, Felix. Matrix and JUMP SADDLES ONLY


(£184.80 including UK VAT).  GJXSQ.  Extra Thick, Wool Fleece-Lined Square Pad for Felix, Matrix, Nexus and Zenith JUMP SADDLES ONLY.  

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This version of our Cushion Quilt (Extra Thick) Square pad, has been created to be a good shape to go under THV Saddling Jump Saddles in the following models: Zenith, Felix, Matrix and Nexus. It is made in the same way as our GXSQ pad, but it shorter in the depth to scale it down to look better under the shorter flaps of our jump saddles.

‘Cushion-Quilt’ Square Pad, with Wool-Fleece lining. Shaped for Zenith, Felix, Matrix and Nexus JUMP SADDLES ONLY

(Xtreme Jump Saddles have their own pads to better match their shape, please go to this page for more information.)

Please Note: These measurements cannot be guaranteed. We accept a tolerance of ± ½” (1cm) approximately from the manufacturer.

Regular Length
A — B = 22″ (56cm)
C — D = 18″ (45.5cm)
Extra Long
A — B = 24″ (61cm)
C — D = 18″ (45.5cm)

Additional information

Weight 1200 kg

Black, Brown, White, Bottle Green, Navy, Burgundy, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Honeybird Blue, Cerise


Regular Length, Extra Long

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