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Cushion Quilt Pad for most THV Saddling saddle styles.


(£171.60 including UK VAT). GXSS.  Extra Thick (12oz) Quilt, Saddle-Shaped saddle pad with Wool-Fleece lining.

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The Cushion Quilt version of our Saddle Shaped, Wool-fleece-Lined pad is very versatile and used under most of the THV Saddling saddle Models and styles. However, if you have a jump style saddle, or a straighter cut dressage saddle like the Xtreme, you will see that there are other pads that are made to suit the shapes of these saddles better.

Cushion Quilt’ (Extra Thick) Wool-Fleece-Lined, Saddle-Shaped Pad.


Length Options.

Available in 3 lengths. Our Regular length is the most popular and suitable for most THV Saddling saddle models in either B or C seat lengths. For that reason, we try to always keep some in stock.

However, we can also provide this pad, to order, in either a Short length, which can look better/neater under some of the B length THV Saddling saddles and an Extra Long version, which we recommend to use under D length and E length saddles.

If you have a non-THV Saddling saddle and want to know if this pad would be the right size to use with it, please see the dimensions shown below. 

Please Note: These measurements cannot be guaranteed to the last mm. We accept a tolerance of plus or minus 1 cm. from the manufacturer.

Regular Length

  • A — B = 24″ (61cm) STANDARD
  • C — D = 22″ (56cm)
  • E — F = 9″ (23cm)

Short Length

  • A–B = 22″ (56cm)
  • C — D = 22″ (56cm)
  • E — F = 9″ (23cm)

Extra Long

  • A — B = 26″ (66cm)
  • C — D = 22″ (56cm)
  • E — F = 9″ (23cm)


Additional information

Weight 1100 kg

Black, Brown, White, Bottle Green, Navy, Burgundy, Red, Purple, Royal Blue, Honeybird Blue, Cerise


Short, Regular Length, Extra Long

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